SQL (Structured Query Language)

Hello! Today, we will be diving into SQL and the world of data in software applications. We will be using the Repl.it assignment here to start this lab with some practice using queries.

If you are finished with the lab code, here are some questions to think about:

  1. Is it necessary to use the double quotes (") around table and column names?
  2. How do we know what tables and columns are in a database?
  3. Is SQLite 3 case-sensitive? Why are some parts of the query in capital letters and some in small letters?
  4. Can we use multiple % or _ symbols in a query?
  5. Is the comparison of strings case-sensitive in SQL?
  6. For range operators like > and <, do the values in the database have to be integers?
  7. To sort books by title alphabetically, can we use ORDER BY?